Safety Related Instructions


This is not a toy. Follow safety and set-up instructions carefully. SAFETY is your responsibility. This machine improperly used or handled may cause injury to persons and animals. Always follow standard paintball marker safety procedures. This product uses compressed air and rubber or solid missiles and improperly used may cause injury.

Persons under 18 years old must not handle this machine.

You must observe the same safety precautions as you would any missile firing machine, to assure the safety of yourself and those around you. Use caution and common sense at all times when using this machine.

Outlined are some general precautions to be aware of:

  • Do not load or fire this machine till you have fully read all the instructions and are familiar with its mechanical operation and characteristics.
  • Handle the machine as if it were loaded at all times.
  • Keep away from the eye trigger until you are ready to fire the machine.
  • Don’t EVER look down the barrel of the RBG Paintball marker within the machine casing. Accidental discharge into the eyes may cause permanent injury or death.
  • Keep animals, children and others away from your set-up and working area in case of distractions or accidental discharge.
  • Never point the machine at anything you don’t intend to shoot. There may also be residual balls in the barrel or ball debris that could injure someone else.
  • Never shoot at fragile objects such as windows or cars.
  • Never shoot at a person who is not wearing protective clothing and hear-gear.
  • Use only highest quality  .68 calibre balls. Never load or fire any foreign objects as this may cause jamming or malfunction of the RBG.
  • Your compressed air bottles are potentially dangerous. Handle with great care. Escaping air can injure and even cause frostbite. Note: Strict rules apply to the use, maintenance, modification and re-filling of pressure cylinders. Follow them diligently. Take GREAT CARE when unscrewing the cylinder valve. MAKE SURE that the cylinder is not unscrewing from the valve. Check carefully when unscrewing and STOP immediately if the cylinder is coming away from the valve. If this should happen take your air cylinder to a certified High Pressure shop or to the manufacturer. Note: An air cylinder can fly off with enough force to cause injury or death.