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Inferno Intenso can function as a Sound Barrier or as a traditional siren. Inferno Intenso effectively stops intruders in their tracks by generating a patented unbearable pattern, frequency and intensity noise. Sound Barrier mode is achieved by pairs or arrays of units. In
siren mode, a single Inferno Intenso covers areas up to 70 square meters/ 750 square feet.  Larger areas can be covered with several units.

  • Inferno IntensoGenerates an unbearable sound
  • Works with all makes and types of alarm systems
  • Award winning design – fits easily into public areas and private homes
  • Sabotage protected with battery backup

Installation of the Inferno Intenso cheats the intruder of the few minutes that could be used between alarm activation and arrival of security or police, protecting the secured areas for that crucial period of time and continuing for the duration of continuous signal.

As a Sound Barrier, Inferno Intenso causes a person to immediately modify their behaviour, typically observed as autonomic protective impetus to place ones hands on their ears followed by body motion to immediately remove oneself from the intensity zone.

It is as a behaviour modifying Sound Barrier that the value of the patented frequency pattern is achieved. It can be applied to quell, repel or control aggressive, malicious and riot behaviors. This aspect has been applied for protecting Russian nuclear weapons, stores, offices, and distribution plants.

As a siren, Inferno Intenso is unmistakably loud with a unique intolerable attention getting frequency pattern that clearly stands out from background noise.

Inferno Intenso has built-in sabotage protection and a battery. The outer casing is made of aluminium and steel which makes it sturdy and durable. Inferno Intenso is easily retrofitted to significantly upgrade the effectiveness of existing security systems

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