Inferno Strobocop LED

Inferno HR


Inferno Strobocop LED is the next generation security strobe. It produces a blinding, intense flashlight that renders the intruder unable to see. Inferno Strobocop LED has an irregular flash pattern to shock and disorientate. It effects and reduces the sense of locality in dark spaces. Inferno Strobocop LED is with advantage combined with Inferno Sound Barriers for maximum effect, but can be used as a stand-alone security device.

Inferno Light Barrier


  • Intensive irregular flashlight
  • Hard to see – hard to take
  • Reduces sense of locality
  • Works with all alarm systems

Installation of the Inferno Strobocop LED cheats the intruder of the few minutes that could be used between alarm activation and arrival of security or police, protecting the secured areas for that crucial period of time.  The patented irregular flashes reduce judgement of distance and sense of locality making it difficult to successfully carry out the intended crime.

Strobe specs

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