Set Up, Test & Operation

  • Unpack all components from machine and ball hopper and insert override ‘KEY’ into external multi plug socket.
  • Check you PIR settings are in test mode as per enclosed instructions.
  • Ensure battery power is connected and battery charger connected.
  • Ensure paintball hopper is EMPTY (for this test) and there are no balls in the barrel or debris in the barrel.
  • Check that gas canister is FULLY charged – ‘3’ on gauge. If gauge reeds ‘1’ it needs refilling. Ensure you have a spare bottle – can be purchased from supplier.
  • Cock the bolt assembly on the paint ball marker back – see our pamphlet.
  • Close the RBG lid.
  • Position the RBG to protect a corridor that is the likely path of intruders. It is usual for intruders to take the easy route into a property. Once you have identified a corridor where you believe intruders will pass or enter, then position the RBG less than 25m away from the impact area. This may be mounted to a wall, a post using the supplied brackets or positioned in a garden bed and aimed at the target area. Ensure that the angle of inclination of the PBM is such that the target is about chest height at 25m. Aim your eye down the top edge corner of the RBG casement to judge that the machine is pointing where you want it. Secure the machine with stakes or other weighted items, so that it does not lose its aim focus with the vibrations of operating. Note the machine contains a motor that continuously sprays missiles in an arc. Its vibrates with the combined effect of the motor and the shots being fired and therefore must be stabilised to maintain its alignment and target.
  • Using your remote, activate the “armed” setting. (green button) The siren will begin a ‘set up’ countdown and ‘set’ after 30 seconds and the dash mount LED light will flash green and red alternating to show ‘ready’.
  • Pass a hand in front of the PIR and trigger the automatic operation of the machine. The machine will fire for 5 seconds and reset waiting to be triggered again. If it is continually triggered, it will keep firing till it runs out of gas and paint balls. The RBG alarm will also sound. Because the hopper is empty, the gun will attempt clear possible ball jam by firing only 1 round per second until loaded. This is normal.
  • Now slowly walk in the target zone to judge that the machine is performing at the correct location and is set correctly according to height. (REMEMBER, for this “walk test” the hopper must be empty and the barrel does NOT contain any loose balls or debris.)
  • Fill hopper, close and lock lid, remove key and sleep soundly!

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