Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Refer our RBG Paintball Marker User’s Manual supplied with this machine.
  • Basic RBG machine maintenance requires monitoring gas levels, checking ball hopper contents.
  • Barrel cleaning routine as per a normal competition paintball marker User’s Manual as above. A broken ball or ball debris may obstruct the barrel.  Periodic checks are important. (Simply remove the rear bolt by lifting the pin and sliding bolt out. The marker can then flop down on its rubber mountings. Then you will have a clear view down through the back of the barrel. Use supplied barrel cleaner brush to sweep the barrel clear.)
  • Check for insect or foliage obstructions at PIR or within the machine casing.
  • Refer to Passive Infrared detector Installation Instruction leaflet supplied with the machine for set-up and maintenance advisories.

Note your PIR has the following factory settings:

  • Pet alley setting activated.  Refer section 7 if you wish to change this setting.
  • Day/Night mode set to “test”.  After walk test you must re-set to “normal”.
  • Pulse count switch is set to “test”.  After your walk test re-set to “2” which is standard position.
  • Sensitivity Switch is set to “H” (high) for Pet alley applications.  Reset to “M” standard position if you disable pet alley setting.Note if your machine’s location or if wind and rain cause your machine to operate unnecessarily, then try reducing the sensitivity by moving the switch accordingly.
  • Set to “day” operation for day and night operation.
  • All settings may require fine-tuning to set the machine up for your specific site conditions.
    • Read the separate PIR instructions.
    • Ensure the PIR mirror is cleaned periodically.
    • Ensure all PIR settings are appropriate as to day/night
    • Ensure the PIR is set to pet alley.