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Turning the tables on crime.  Putting you back in control.

The newest innovation to protect your home and family against FARM and home ATTACKS.

Recent statistics released by the SA Institute for race relations reveal rising trends for aggravated robbery.  The highest rates for murder in the country are to be found in the Eastern Cape (50 murders per 100k population), followed by the Western Cape (47) and Northern Cape (37).  Our murder rate is 30 times higher than Australia or Ireland.  We rank with Colombia and El Salvador, both countries suffering civil insurrections.  As a response to these trends, we now have three times the number of private security officers than sworn police officers.  Clearly we are forced to make our own private security arrangements and use technology to assist us in every way possible.

Our strong recommendations are:

  • Have a clear plan that the whole family is familiar with.
  • Avoid a gun fight. Thus avoiding injury or death to your family and also avoiding possible court action when an intruder is shot.
  • Stay in control.

Our goal is to reduce farm attacks and murders by 70%.

Special features of the Gun“safe”:

  • The key feature of this bundle of technology is to give the farmer and rural resident a ready crime-response plan. Basic training with this device installed, means that you have an immediate ready response plan and can protect your assets and family.  The device also calls neighbours to increase the chances of apprehension.  Triggering this safe means you are immediately back in control …not the intruder.
  • Safe supplied with alarmed door trigger.
  • Built-in pepper-gas automatic response. (Making the protected area hostile.) (Optional Microdot marking of pepper-gas also gives you a forensic trail and improves prosecution success.)
  • Sound-blaster automatic response. (Disorientation alarm making the protected area hostile.)
  • Strobe light. (Optional extra disorientation alarm) (Making the protected area hostile. )
  • GSM unit. (Sends SMS to pre-programmed numbers such as armed response and neighbour defences response team.)
  • GPS unit. (Optional extra)  (Lets response units know exactly where you are.)
  • Advice and training on correct installation and gunsafe placement.

Let us help you with innovative technological solutions.

Finance options also available.

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