Record number of Farm Attacks in 2015

A record number of farm attacks occurred last year.

Afriforum and TLU SA, yesterday released their statistics for 2015 Farm and Rural attacks in South Africa.

In 2015 there were 318 farm attacks, averaging 6 per week. 64 murders, averaging 1.2 a week.  The number of farm attacks in 2015 represents an increase on the figures of 2014 by 14%. Murders jumped by 5%.  These figures are the highest since 1990.

The figures are collated from media reports and first and second-hand reports, such as those from the Security Industry and the police. Afriforum’s database on crime statistics is continuously updated.

Limpopo leads the country in the farm and rural category with 63 attacks. Gauteng leads the country with the most farm and rural murders (14).

Lorraine Claasen, a criminologist at Afriforum, said that areas adjacent neighbouring countries or adjacent densely populated settlements are at the greatest risk.

Between 1990 and 2015, there have been 1785 farm murders in South Africa. Of these 1152 were farmers, 474 were family members, 138 were farm workers and 221 were visitors.

In January of 2016 alone, there have been 26 attacks and six murders, up to double the rate from the previous year.

Ernst Roets, Executive Vice of Afriforum, said that some police stations took the problem seriously, but at a national level there is just not the political will to resolve the problem.

Thanks to The Beeld for facts in this story.

Security Sam