Crime-scene Markers

Be Aware!

A recent near-miss happened at the neighbouring Boschkop area in Pretoria East.

Andre is a sheep farmer we know.  He has several staff who work the property and also in the house.

The alert was raised when bricks, stones and small bits of hosepipe were found at the fences and in fact were marking a complete path of entry.  It appeared an intrusion was imminent.

Andre called MZT Security for assistance as he was now quite fearful that something was about to happen.

An expert in signs-reading was brought in to give guidance.  This man was able to read a lot of disturbing information into the signs, including pointers to say that the wife would be home that night and also that the householders should be attacked and killed with bricks.

Staff were then questioned and tested with a Polygraph machine and one of them failed the test.  With this knowledge, that the staff member was lying, pressure was brought to bear and a full confession was obtained.  Basically this member of staff was to receive a commission for assisting the criminals.  Three gang members were subsequently arrested.

Markers were not removed at this time, so as not to tell the watchers that suspicions were confirmed.  What is now clear is that the intruders had inside help and were also monitoring the property continuously, waiting for the moment to make their hit.

As soon as the arrests were made, all the markers disappeared overnight.  So watch out for unusual markers on your property and fences.  Don’t ignore.

Markers can take many forms.  Apart from those mentioned in the story above, thieves may use plastic sheets or plastic bags, buckets, thatch bundles, stones…almost anything handy and casual enough to be ignored.

Andre’s alert observations and call for help certainly resulted in preventing a burglary and even possibly injury or death.

Security Sam