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Great news!

We have managed to secure equipment finance/rental facilities through Sasfin Bank for the purchase of our security protection machinery.  We know that not many businesses have spare cash lying around to fund security upgrades, but now you have an easy solution.

Rather than you having to find the cash to upgrade your security systems and protect your family and assets, your business can simply finance the purchase over a maximum term of 60 months.  You can select a lesser term if you choose.  Saving working capital and ensuring all your rental expenses are fully tax deductible. **

We are particularly pleased that this innovation will assist farmers and rural businesses who are under siege with escalating violent crime at the moment.  Technology and easy finance options will open the door to more flexible and immediate security solutions for you.

** Applicants need to qualify and satisfy the terms and conditions of Sasfin Bank equipment finance.  Goods must be comprehensively insured.  Max term 60 months.  Document fee of R500.  We assist you with the application process but you deal direct with the bank and don’t have to reveal anything confidential to us.

 As an example:

Gert Smit of Rustenburg purchases the following security items:

  • One Auto rubber bullet machine to protect his farm or factory.
  • One Sound-blaster siren to protect his home as a panic alarm and disorientation alarm.
  • One Gunsafe alarm package incl Peppergas, Sound-blaster and gsm.  Includes basic training.  (We believe this invention alone will account for perhaps 70% reduction in farm deaths.)
  • Total equipment cost including installation, delivery and vat say R45,714.00
  • If you elect 15% annual escalation, and if you elect a 60 month repayment term, then your payments will be R800.00 monthly.  Add vat.  Easy.

Don’t delay!

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