How important is tracking?

We at have been developing several tracking systems over the past 18 months.  Not only will you be able to track your vehicle or quadbike etc, but you will be able to send a message to disable the vehicle from your phone or laptop at any time.  In addition we have several hybrid systems in testing that allow your panic alarm to alert neighbours, police or armed response as to your exact location.

Overall, we are forced to depend on sophisticated technology to help us deal with the current crime trends.

Read this amazing story:

By way of example we want to re-tell a fabulous story about a friend of ours (lets call her Mary).  Mary lives in the Cape and is a no-nonsense person who is not scared to demand her rights.  Recently she purchased an iPad in Holland and has it fitted with “find-me” along with her iPhone.  (Find-me is standard tracking technology).

The laptop was stolen in Cape Town last week and she received a call from Holland telling her the location of her laptop in Somerset West.  She reported it to the Muizenberg police, telling them she knew where her laptop was thanks to “find-me”.  They were NOT helpful, however she ran into two detectives in the carpark and they agreed to accompany Mary on her quest to retrieve the laptop.  On the way they called in to Somerset West Police at the Strand and gathered another member of the constabulary.

Then Mary led them following the red and blue dots on her iPhone to the quarry which turned out to be a block of flats occupied by predominantly Somalian people.  She says the place was spotless, the people lovely and the food looked great too!  However everyone was shouting at the intrusion by her and the police…all in fierce denial that anything stolen could be on the property.  Very noisy she said!

However Mary persisted and assured them that she simply wanted her laptop returned and she would press no charges.  Following her phone screen like a compass, she led the cops from apartment to apartment …from cold to hot, with the Somalians shouting in the rear.  Eventually she identified a single room in the apartment, but was refused entry because the young student whose room it was, was away at school.  So Mary put the iPhone in the care of one of the detectives, who remained behind at the scene and went off to the said private school to retrieve the child out of his class!

She dragged him back to the apartment and again using the phone entered the room and triumphantly pointed to the laptop concealed under the bed.  The iPhone led her directly to the hiding place.

Turns out the kid bought the laptop on the street but under the eyes of a street camera because he was suspicious that it may be stolen. (So he says …but the cops are following up).

The leader of the Somalian group took full responsibility for the theft and Mary would not press charges as promised.  This group of people actually contribute to the young man’s education at a private local school.

Note:  The police had NO IDEA of this tracking technology.

To cap off the story…Mary took everyone to lunch including the miscreant!

Moral of the story:  Use technology appropriately and be persistent.  None of the above could have occurred if the determined public, the co-operative police and technology had not joined forces.

A great result.

Security Sam

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